Have you ever heard of a Sound Bath or Gong Bath before?

A Sound Bath can be thought of as a form of meditation where you are bathed in sound waves from one or more gongs for an hour.

You might know that your brain waves fluctuate between different frequencies when thinking and doing tasks, and when you are relaxing. The vibrations when a gong is played can quickly take you into the Alpha range of frequencies, where you are relaxed yet alert, into the Theta range associated with meditating, learning, and memory, and even the Delta frequencies for repairing, regenerating and renewing your cells. Theta and Delta waves are associated with re-attuning the body to its naturally healthy state.

Watch a clip on YouTube here of the effect of sound vibrations on water, and imagine, if humans really are 60-70% water as experts have suggested, what the effects of sound are on you. The resonance of the gongs can produce a healing frequency.

It will involve you sitting on a chair or lying down for an hour (strenuous, I know!) as someone plays one or more gongs or singing bowls. I recommend you to bring your own mat, blanket and pillow, and a bottle of water if you desire. Upright chairs will be provided.

Each experience is unique. Apart from any healing or re-tuning that may or may not take place, it promises to be a relaxing time, and could be a fun story with which to entertain your friends and family.

…in the days that followed it I felt as though I had spent the weekend at a fancy spa!”      Diane Hill

Arrive in plenty of time to get comfortable before the start. No admittance after starting to avoid disrupting your experience.

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These events are for learning and entertainment purposes only. The information provided should not be used as a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment.